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Disappointment January 8, 2008

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So, I hadn’t received my supplies so I emailed the company about my order, just to get a timetable. She emailed me back at the end of the day stating that it was a sale item, they were out, and they would be unable to fill my order. That is fine, these things happen, but my thought is, if I hadn’t emailed her 7 days after my order was placed, would she have ever let me know, or would I have sat here and waited totally in the dark? I was basing using her site off of several recomendations, but now I just don’t know. It is not so much the loss of the stuff as it is the sour taste of bad customer service. Oh well next….

So now my challenge piece is up in the air. I have to start over and rethink it. I searched all morning for a suitable replacement and can’t find what I am looking for. It is much akin to brainfreeze 😉  I think I may go sew for a while and mull it over.


TIF Challenge January 7, 2008

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So this is an interesting theme, and I have been plotting since New Years. I am currently waiting on supplies, but I have a definite design in my head. There was never any question in my mind who the person I most admire and respect is,  my Mom. I know for alot of people that may sound trite, but she truly is the most remarkable person that I have ever known. I admire her strength, her ingenuity, her ability, and most of all her perserverance. I have never seen someone, who has faced more hardship so gracefully and lovingly. I spend my life striving to be more like her. Unfortunately I find there is just no way, but at least I try 😉 

I am hoping that my supplies come in today, I ordered them on New Years. But I already know what it will be, I say that, but it will be interesting to see how it may evolve during the process. I will try to sketch  out my idea tonight, but I am not much of a sketcher. I give new meaning to “rough” sketch.  On another note, I have thouroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s progress.