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TIF Challenge January 7, 2008

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So this is an interesting theme, and I have been plotting since New Years. I am currently waiting on supplies, but I have a definite design in my head. There was never any question in my mind who the person I most admire and respect is,  my Mom. I know for alot of people that may sound trite, but she truly is the most remarkable person that I have ever known. I admire her strength, her ingenuity, her ability, and most of all her perserverance. I have never seen someone, who has faced more hardship so gracefully and lovingly. I spend my life striving to be more like her. Unfortunately I find there is just no way, but at least I try 😉 

I am hoping that my supplies come in today, I ordered them on New Years. But I already know what it will be, I say that, but it will be interesting to see how it may evolve during the process. I will try to sketch  out my idea tonight, but I am not much of a sketcher. I give new meaning to “rough” sketch.  On another note, I have thouroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s progress.


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